Amazon AWS

Amazon AWS helps the world of emerging start-ups to build and grow their small or medium sized businesses with the help of their extensive Amazon Web Services. Mugil technologies help you grow your business globally by partnering with Amazon to facilitate you to use various services of Amazon AWS. The Amazon Web Service comes with a huge set of services that lets the organization move to the fore at a more rapid rate with minimal cost.

This Amazon AWS service is vastly acknowledged by enterprises that work from large-scale to the start-ups, where you could gear up your business prospect through web and mobile applications, data processing and warehousing, storage, archive and much more.

What We Do?

  • Auto scaling

  • Amazon VPS

  • AWS Lambda

  • Amazon EC2 Container Service

  • Elastic Load Balancing

  • Databases

  • Networking

  • Administration & Security

  • Analytics

  • Application Services

  • Deployment & Management

  • Mobile Services

  • Enterprise Applications

  • AWS Support

  • AWS Marketplace

  • Storage & Content Delivery

Our fortes


We offer our customers with the best of our Amazon AWS services in enabling them to carry out a significant business through a cloud computing platform.

Improved business agility

Want to make your website more interactive and flexible? Let us get your business started with our best service for obtaining your business vision and mission a rapid growth.

Optimized cost savings

Choosing to adhere to our Amazon AWS service allows you to maintain high cost savings without having a need to burn your pockets on some hopeless services.

Analytics and Advisor

More than a service provider, we help you in assisting and advising over the better service options that would profit your with a detailed analysis of your business.