Business Intelligence

The business must be known time and time again to keep an edge on the competition. We assist you in all possible ways with our business intelligence service to stay ahead of your competitors. Mugil technologies enable you to have more insight amongst various data sources by driving the suitable solution in all aspects of the business. We help companies create customized database solutions for their business improvement. With the increasing technology, we have always been in the cutting-edge of developing and delivering advanced business solutions.

Business intelligence lets you optimize your decisions and business performance with its applications, tools and infrastructure. Get to know your own intelligence of predicting the trends and uncovering insights with us.

What We Do?

  • Spread sheets

  • Reporting & querying

  • Analysis

  • Scorecards

  • Digital dashboards

  • Real-time monitoring

  • Mobile business solutions

  • Collaboration

  • OLAP

  • Data visualisation

  • Data integration and management

  • Data filtering

  • Data mining

  • Data warehousing and analytics

  • Cloud-based business intelligence solutions

Our fortes

Business capabilities

understanding the business and its capability is one of our major strength which we help our clients unearth with our skilled employees for better BI applications.

BI Assessment

We conduct various studies on our client and their business for evaluating and assessing their resources for providing them with best possible results.

Business solutions

Functioning closely with the client business enables us to deliver them with business solutions for allowing them to decide over the best process, technology and industry solutions.

Maintenance and support

We have our hand extended to our clients even after providing them with successful business intelligence for decision making through continued maintenance and support.